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Dr. Amarilys Estrella sitting on a rock facing a video camera while she she is being interviewed.

Photo description: Dr. Estrella sitting  facing a video camera. Photo credit: Rocio Silverio

Journal Articles

2022 Roels, N. I., Estrella, A., Maldonado-Salcedo, M., Rapp, R., Hansen, H., & Hardon, A. "Confident futures: Community-based organizations as first responders and agents of change in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Social Science & Medicine, 294, 114639.

2020 “Muertos Civiles: Mourning the Casualties of Racism in the Dominican Republic." Transforming Anthropology Vol. 28 No. 1 pp 41-57. 


2020 “Black Latinx Encuentros: Embodied Knowledge and Reciprocal Forms of Knowledge Sharing” co-author Meryleen Mena. Footnotes. July 1, 2020.

2019 “El Cruce de la Muerte: Fieldwork and Carework at the Crossroad of DeathAnthrodendum. Trauma and Resilience Series.

2018 Estrella, Amarilys and Saudi Garcia (We Are All Dominican Collective). Ni de aquí ni de allá: Denationalization and Mass Deportation between the United States and the Dominican Republic. Emisferica. Vol 14. Issue 1. 2018.

2018 Cruz, Kleaver, Amarilys Estrella and Yanilda Gonzalez. 2018. Aqui y Alla: The Diaspora Needs to Stand with Dominicans Challenging Anti-Blackness in the D.R.

Book Reviews:

2015 Book Review. Abreu, Diogenes. 2015. “Sin haitianidad no hay dominicanidad: Cartografia de una

identidad que se bifurca. [Without Haitianness there is no Dominicanness: Cartography of a Bifurcated Identity]” Black Scholar Journal. Special Issue Volume 45. May 2015. Pp. 69-70.


EsendomInterview with Amarilys Estrella. Amaury Rodriguez and Nelson Santana.

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